University Education

Environment, Development and Policy (MA)  currently studying
University of Sussex  2017-2018

Political Economy of Environment and Development
Critically analysing environmental issues and challenges through the lens of different political economy approaches. Who wins, who loses, how and why. Taking concepts from political economy, political ecology and ecological economics exploring key debates.
Essay titles:
How has international trade legislation affected farmer resilience to climate change in India?
What is the political economy of food waste in the UK and how can it best be explained?

Critical Debates in Development Theory
Examining theories associated with modernisation, dependency, participatory approaches, post-modernism and globalisation.
Essay titles:
Can decolonial thought contribute to development theory?
How has economic development affected the peace process in Northern Ireland?

Livelihoods, Inequalities and Rural Change
Currently analysing at the interconnectedness of the global, national and local levels in causing change in rural societies. Considering the influence of social relations on rural economic life and, conversely, the influence of rural economic life on social relations.

Critical Debates in Environment and Development
Currently exploring the relationships between poverty, environmental science and policy, and considering how these relations are changing given the globalisation of environmental science and policy.


International Hospitality Mangement (BA Hons) 1st
University of Brighton  2009-2013

My undergraduate helped me to develop a range of skills, including, teamwork developed through group assignments, an integrated approach to problem solving, applying theory to practice, developing effective marketing strategies, learning about the operational aspects of business and presenting myself with confidence through numerous presentations, as well as developing my organisational skills and ability to work to deadlines.

Hospitality Consultancy Prize

Course Representative